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Who I am

My name is Ivy Wood. I have been a registered colonic hydro therapist for 16 years and was trained by Dr. Milo Siewert.

The Clinic Cheshire Colonics

The clinic is situated in one of my downstairs rooms in my family home. The house is 400 years old and I believe it to be the oldest house in Congleton, Cheshire; it has a lovely peaceful feel. There is no reception, just you and I; we are totally private.

About Me

I am a trained nurse and throughout the years have observed the importance of bowel health and the dire consequences of its failure. I am passionate about my work and know that when the bowel is healthy and working as it should, the whole body benefits.

Ivy Wood, Cheshire Colonics

I am constantly amazed how many people suffer and because in the main our bowel habits are private they do so in silence. It is largely a female problem! When men get the urge to go they simply pick up a newspaper and go and sit without worrying about if they a smell and they don't worry if they make a noise! Women don't do either!! In the main they can only go on their own toilet in private. This is one of the major causes of constipation. Relieving constipation along with its painful and miserable consequences and training a good bowel habit are a vital part of my work.

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Cheshire Colonics