Thank you for a fantastic treatment. I feel fantastic. Thank you from the heart of my bottom, Anonymous

As someone who recognises the importance of a clear, clean and well-functioning colon to overall health and well-being, I feel the finding the right therapist is crucial. I wanted someone who was confident, knew her stuff, made me feel at ease and explained everything she was doing. Ivy is all these things and more and I feel incredibly lucky to have found her. I recommend her to you very highly. You'll go a very long way to find anyone better, Anna W

My husband and myself had an appointment with Ivy Wood what a fantastic lady, she is perfect at her job and it was a pleasure to meet her.

We could have gone nearer home but decided to travel 45 miles after speaking to Ivy on the phone & reading about her on the internet, Joan E & Ronald E

Four years ago I was suffering with chronic constipation. I was taking laxatives to get the bowel working. This only worked every now and then. I then discovered on the internet, colonic irrigation. Even better there was one in Congleton, I went down and had a chat with Ivy. Explained to her how I had suffered for years with bowel problems. I have now been visiting Congleton Colonic centre every 5-6 weeks. It has given me the freedom to get my life back together and not worry about what I'm eating, Anonymous

Just wanted to say a big thank you for seeing me so quickly and for being so kind. I feel much better for having the treatment and my quality of life has improved, Lesley

Thank you so much for such a professionally delivered course of treatment, Donald

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