Is it painful?

It definitely should not be painful. You can obviously feel the scope in your bottom but this should not hurt. Mild cramps can sometimes be felt as the bowel really starts to evacuate. Pressure is felt as we work our way round the bowel. This is gentle and will be done at your pace. We do not do pain!

I feel embarrassed!

It takes very little time to introduce the scope which goes into the rectum about 2.5 inches deep. The tubes are connected and you are completely covered up; your modesty is protected at all times and I will treat you with respect and consideration.

How long does it take?

The first appointment includes a consultation about your bowel health, related diet and lifestyle e.g. shift worker. I allow 90 minutes for the first visit; subsequent treatments should be approximately 45 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

This will depend on why you need the treatment, 45 minutes on my table is not a silver bullet, particularly if you have long standing bowel problems. Three treatments are generally recommended, plus a course of probiotics which will support the healthy bacteria in your gut. Thereafter one treatment and a course of probiotics every change of season will maintain your bowel health.

What happens during a treatment?

Having changed into a gown, you lie on your left side with your knees tucked up. A disposable tube is inserted into your rectum and a gentle flow of warm filtered water is introduced.

After approximately 10 minutes you turn onto your back and with the help of some gentle massage we work across the middle and down the right side. Your large colon is approximately the length of your height.

Will I make a mess?

Everybody's fear!! The answer is no you will not. I will help you to relax by controlled breathing, I don't let go of the speculum and I will not leave you alone. Also, you will not leak after the treatment. What your bowel releases comes down the tube and goes directly into the outlet pipe and into the drain.

There is no mess, no smell and no noise

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